The Holistic Life and Relational Wellness Coaching Certificate Program is a christian coaching program from a Christ centered wellness perspective with a holistic life and relational wellness approach.  This program is administered through the New You Wellness  Institute.  This program helps students discover their kingdom purpose, vision and mission from a Christ centered wellness perspective that inspires, empowers and equips authentic marketplace ministry. We prepare our students for marketplace ministry within the Life Coaching industry as a Holistic Life & Relational Wellness Coach. New You Wellness Institute offers a progressive one to four-year modular program. This progressive program is provided over a ten month interim each year with real marketplace ministry practicums; that will strengthen the student’s knowledge, broaden their experience and prepare them to effectively practice their professional vocational calling as they establish relational wellness in their personal and professional lives.

The Holistic Life & Relational Wellness Coaching Certificate program has been curated to teach our students the importance of professional wholeness and effective leadership within marketplace ministry.  Our teaching staff equips each student to have the emotional intelligence that is required to professionally coach their clientele as they successfully understand how to manage and balance their personal, as well as professional lives.  Our students whole person healing and leadership development is our main focus; as we teach them the reality of them always being their first client.  Some of our students enroll in the program simply for their personal whole person healing and leadership development. However, they understand the professional opportunity available to them as a Holistic Life & Relational Wellness Coach. We inspire, empower, equip as we lead our students by example to coach with intelligence, accuracy as they develop their own unique mastery skill set. We are not your average life coaching certificate program we are purposed to be pioneers within whole person healing and the life coach industry that is our marketplace ministry.

As the Founder, Visionary and Teacher, I learn and perfect my professional brand  as I submit my daily life under the inspiration, influence and direction of the Holy Spirit Who is my spiritual and emotional intelligence gracing me with the professional gifting to effectively lead. Every life goal not achieved is a result of not being aware of how to strategically implement the infinite wisdom of God within our daily decisions that manifest the results of our everyday lifestyle.  As a believers in Christ, I believe we take hold of this right by being renewed in the Spirit of our mind which will give us a lifestyle of wellness, wholeness, joy and lasting success.

The Holistic Life and Relational Wellness Coaching Certificate Program will help you become a more effective, empowered and disciplined  person who is graced in your singleness, marriage, family, relationships, ministerial calling and professional vocation as you understand how to focus on your purpose, vision and unique gifting as a Holistic Life and Relational Wellness Coach. 

The program is customized to the specific needs of each of our students. We provide whole person coaching, christian coaching, mentoring and consulting that will help strengthen the student’s whole person perspective as they become equipped to handle life issues with a personal grace and professional competency as marketplace ministers within the life coaching industry.  As a Holistic Life & Relational Wellness Coaching professional, the possibilities are limitless as the opportunities are abundant!

Before you can do all that you are destined to do you first have to know who you are destined to become. This starts with understanding your whole person identity encompassing your gifts and talents.  Once you understand your unique personality then you have to know how to pursue, cultivate work and establish your life’s legacy.

Let New You Wellness Institute team of leaders, partner with you in creating your new lifestyle of spiritual wellness, emotional wellness, relational wellness, intellectual wellness that encompass total life wellness as it empowers financial peace in your everyday lifestyle. There are many ways to achieve success but only one way to manifest your Greatness! You are encouraged to apply for the Holistic Life & Relational Wellness Coaching Certificate program below and start your wellness journey towards total life prosperity.

Love, Peace & Fullness of Joy,

Lady Joy




  • Open Enrollment is NOW!
  • Complete 40 Day New You Self Love Empowerment Journey (Freshmen year)
  • Complete Pursuit To Wholeness Course (Freshmen year)
  • Complete New You Self Love Transformation Course (Freshmen year)
  • Complete All Assigned “Fashioned In God’s Purpose” Ministry & Leadership Development Course Assignments (Sophmore Year)
  • Complete All Assigned “Inspire To Empower” Leadership Development Course Assignments (Junior year)
  • Complete All Assigned “Graced To Lead” Organizational Development Course Assignments (Senior Year)
  • Attend at least one weekly New  You Wellness Institute Empowerment Chat sessions held five days times a week (Monday thru Friday)
  • Attend Weekly New You Wellness Prayer Circle small group sessions (Monday thru Friday)
  • Attend Monthly Real Life Marketplace Ministry Practicum  Training  (Saturday’s)
  • Attend semi-annual 9 day | 8 night all-inclusive Whole Person Leadership Development Retreat (retreat expenses do not include travel expenses)
  • Attend Annual New You Wellness Awards Gala & Empowerment Conference (event expenses do not include travel expenses) starting in May 2020
  • After completion of required course assignments for each year, participate and lead monthly real life marketplace ministry  practicums


  • Learn Relational Wellness, Ministry , Leadership & Organizational Leadership Essentials
  • Develop tangible leadership skills & gain kingdom business management experience
  • New You Wellness Award Honoree upon completion of required courses within Holistic Life and Relational Wellness Coaching Certificate Program
  • Participate in New You Wellness Institute  fundraising training and bonus rewards program that will assist in retreat travel expenses and all other financial investments you desire to commit to within the New You Wellness Institute
  • Receive assistance with building your Holistic Life and Relational Wellness Coaching  portfolio
  • Eligible to become a New You Wellness Award Recipient and receive kingdom business positioning package
  • Eligible to become a Holistic Life & Relational Wellness Coach Covenant Partner within New You Wellness Institute.
  • And more as the New You Wellness Institute purpose, vision to include mission expands for the advancement of God’s kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.


On completion of this course, you will be awarded a certificate of completion at  our New You Wellness Awards Gala & Leadership Conference. This certification provides verification that each graduate has successfully completed their professional vocational training that equips them as a Holistic Life & Relational Wellness Coach.  Graduates who have successfully completed the program will receive the opportunity of covenant partner placement assistance within New You Wellness Institute and subsidiary marketplace ministries.


  • Must have the approval of your parent or legal guardian or be at least 18 years old or older
  • Prospective Candidates must attend a personal consultation to find out more about program offerings and requirements.
  • Prospective Candidates are required to complete the Holistic Life & Relational Wellness Program application below if they want to be considered for this program
  • Prospective Candidates must receive an invitation indicating they were selected for the Holistic Life & Relational Wellness Coaching Certificate Program before commencement of the program.
  • Prospective Candidates must attend orientation before the first (1st) day of starting the program.
  • Be able to commit to at least 7 hours a week for a minimum of one year or more depending on experience, skill set and desire to continue the entire Holistic Life and Relational Wellness Program.
  • Must be able to participate in real life marketplace ministry practicums assigned to them as a program requirement.
  • Flexibility to participate mornings/days/evenings/weekends based on customizable program and agreed upon real life marketplace ministry practicum assignment details
  • Have transportation to and from the semi-annual retreat location(s) if transportation is not available in your area.
  • Prospective Candidates must submit Program Enrollment and Consultation admission fee of $85.00 to cover application processing, prospective candidate interview and admission support staffing.
  • Prospective Candidates must submit Holistic Life and Relational Wellness Coach Certificate Program Annual Tuition
  • Sign a New You Wellness Institute acceptance letter, certificate schedule plan and agreed upon tuition plan.
  • Sign the Holistic Life & Relational Wellness Coaching Certificate Program disclosure and confidentiality agreement upon program commencement and at each course completion, once selected as a new Holistic Life & Relational Wellness Coaching student.

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