Understanding The Work of Grace As A Single That Prepares Us For The Joy In Marriage

In order for a marriage to be successful, men and women  must first prepare themselves in their singleness to become lifelong students of the God-kind of love that empowers them to take the position as husband and wife. When single men and women acknowledge, accept and practice this truth in their singleness, they empower themselves to experience the work of grace in their hearts that prepares them for the joy found in the assignment of marriage, that  St. Paul considered a mystery.  However, this mystery becomes known when a man and woman commits to becoming lifelong students of love during their singleness to understand the work of grace.

It is the presence of God’s grace that truly grants the man and woman the title of husband and wife; where their confession of faith is fulfilled through the lifelong work of learning how to become one as a husband and wife. A husband who has a Christ like love towards his wife; as well as a wife who understands the importance of having the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is precious to God, and her influence that wins the heart of her husband. (1 Peter 3:1-7).

This work of grace begins in discovering God’s grace as a single man and woman who are prepared and empowered by the Lord to continue the work of grace as husband and wife where they remain lifelong students of love. A single man and woman must consider themselves lifelong students of love working to understand the dimensions of God’s love within them that has no limits in the passion to love each other unconditionally.  This unconditional love is the supernatural love of God’s presence at work in the hearts of two separate people being prepared and empowered by His grace to become a husband and wife. This grace is discovered and matured in the single season of life to love each other fearlessly as you both become the evidence of the God kind of love that gives fullness of joy, lasting pleasure, wisdom, understanding and grace to work through what is not always easy to love in each other.

When a man and woman confess their love during a wedding ceremony, their love for each other becomes perfected through the work of grace that gives them the joy to endure hard times within their marriage. This is purposed to remove what is not of love in the hearts of the man and woman who is growing to better understand their assignment as a husband and wife who practices unconditional love toward each other . This assignment is an assignment given and ordained by God to bear the evidence of His grace being perfected in the desires, will, emotions and life choices of the couple individually that affect the quality of their relationship and marriage union. This love bears the evidence of God’s presence at work in the hearts of the man and woman perfecting their understanding of how to be the husband and wife God assigned them to be towards each other so they can become one flesh in mind, spirit, soul and body.

The husband is commissioned  in Ephesians 5:25 of the word of God to love the wife like Christ loves the church. When a husband gives his love like Christ, he surrenders what is not of love in him to understand how to love his wife fearlessly through the love of God that enables him to love her unconditionally. It is in this process of understanding how to love each other unconditionally, that makes the husband and wife lifelong students of love. Students working in the position of husband and wife to learn how to start, build, maintain and leave a righteous legacy of unconditional love in the lineage of their family; as they become the evidence of God’s love within their sphere of influence.

Within this lineage of love, the healing power of grace becomes intimately known in the hearts of the individuals within the family and lived out through their habitual behavior toward each other that destroys the generational curse as God fills their hearts, mind, soul and body with the generational blessing. This is the work of grace that is fulfilled within the assignment of marriage to heal the man and woman within their position of husband and wife to destroy the generational curse as they become strengthened in the generational blessing. God desires His presence of grace to become a stronghold of His blessed presence in each person as individuals as well as collectively as husband and wife who are a part of His family on earth as His family is in heaven.

The New You Wellness Bible Institute, singles empowerment course, Keys To Identifying Your Spouse  is purposed to help singles understand how to recognize their spouse. Our premarital counseling course, “The Beginning of a Beautiful Love Story” helps singles understand the process of how the confession of their faith is perfected through the work of grace in their singleness that prepares them for the work of marriage as husband and wife; who are God’s chosen leaders to train their children in the spirit of His power, love and sound mind.

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Since the announcement of their engagement on November 27, 2017 the world has been intrigued with the love story of Prince Harry of Whales and Hollywood actress formerly known as Meghan Markle. The union of Prince Harry who comes from a British monarchy lineage and Hollywood royalty Meghan, started their journey as husband and wife on Saturday, May 19, 2018 reportedly at 12:00 p.m.  bst. at St. Georges Chapel of Windsor Castle in Windsor, United Kingdom. Many people considered royalty, to include Hollywood royalty was in attendance to witness the continuum of a budding love story from two lineage of families no one would have thought would become one family.  Rev. Bishop Michael Curry sermon about love was thought-provoking. His message was given in front of a global audience who had the opportunity to hear his rendition of the God kind of love that would make them all family as brothers and sisters under a new heaven and a new earth. The New You Wellness Bible Institute team would like to congratulate Duke Harry and Duchess Meghan on the beginning of understanding their confession of faith through the work of marriage. May their marriage union bear the evidence of God’s grace that is the source of lasting joy as husband and wife.

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