Heather And Cornelius Lindsey Welcomes Their Protector of Truth

Heather & Cornelius Lindsey welcomed their third child, Roman Mateo Lindsey to their family on Wednesday, July 11, 2018. Roman which means, “Protector of Truth” and Mateo which means, “Gift of God” weighed eight pounds and seven ounces.

The married couple and family is more than overjoyed with their newest family addition. This past Thursday on July 12th, Cornelius wrote a heartfelt Instagram message to express His joy and awe as Roman’s Father! Cornelius had this to say regarding His new son Roman, ” He’s truly my gift and I await the years to come where I’m able to unwrap this package God has generously given us ”  To read the entire heartfelt message visit Cornelius Instagram page.

Heather Lindsey introduced the initial picture of Roman to her Pinky Promise community of women and had this to say, “He is the most peaceful baby. He’s so sweet and he will cuddle with you for HOURS. He slept 5 hours this morning (which is unheard of for a Lindsey kid. lol) and he rarely cries. Now, he’s only 5 days old but still, I will take what appears to be a calm baby because Logan and Taylor are so intense! haha!”

During her time of joy, Heather Lindsey managed to encouraged women who maybe experiencing infertility and miscarriages. Heather is a survivor of a previous miscarriage. She had these encouraging words of comfort and support, ” I’m praying for healthy, fertile wombs tonight. I’m praying that God hears your cry for a sweet family. I’m praying that you don’t grow weary in the process. I pray the Holy Spirit gives you hope. I pray that sleepless nights are coming your way. Stay close to the Lord in the midst of it all, He is with you.”

The New You Wellness Bible Institute online publication team shares in the Lindseys’ joy and pray Mom Heather and Dad Cornelius will continue to have the grace they need to raise their beautiful children in the higher heavenly thoughts and revealed will of God. May Heather & Cornelius continue to increase in the wisdom, understanding, grace and compassion as Roman, Taylor and Logan parents as well as “The Go Church” Spiritual Leaders in Atlanta Georgia.

Marriage and Family is God’s design and He knows the thoughts, plans and desires He has for the marital union and family. Our Heavenly Father desires us all to experience the joy of the Lord who is the strength of the family, marital couple and everyday believer! When we invite Him in our individual lives, He becomes the joy of our strength to gracefully love our spouses and children because relationships are purposed to be the evidence of God’s saving and redeeming grace for  healed people who make a healed marriage and healed family that is the beginning of a healthy and healed community.


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