We are christian women and men who are pastors, ministers, life coaches, counselors, therapists, beauty and wellness entrepreneurs, working professionals and every day believers who are purposed to share our stories of faith through the New You Wellness Multimedia Publication. We service the christian community through our vocational calling where we are positioned as well as purposed to service your whole person healing and leadership development desires through our New You Wellness Institute and New You Wellness Salon Suites establishments.

Our mission is to provide inspirational content full of life transforming christian faith based interviews, and life discoveries that will birth a global nation of Christ-like faith. We desire to share stories that will be a catalyst of inspiration igniting the desire in you, our faithful community of believers, to pursue the promises of God for your life so those promises will become your everyday reality and lifestyle.

Although the world may be chaotic, we share stories of faith to awaken the knowledge of the eternal truth that because Christ lives in us, we not only win in life, but we enjoy the abundance of God’s presence. We aspire to awaken lost hope through cultivating our gifts, talents and Christ-like influence while sharing the gift of His eternal love towards people. We are here to share the testament of God’s healing and restorative grace that makes us all new people in Christ. We all are destined to exemplify the moral integrity of His character, His endless supply of forgiveness in our heart and the sovereignty of His eternal presence in our lives.


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