What Causes Most Work Related Anxiety For The Working Christian Professional?



Work-related anxiety for the working Christian professional is the anxiety of the mind where people are working outside of the higher and heavenly thoughts of God. This is what Proverbs 3:5-6 means when God tells us to:

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.

Everyday life is moving at a rapid pace. Sometimes the pace of life may seem like the speed of light. This is especially true for the working professional who has many life commitments to manage as they try to fulfill commitments towards everyone else and tend to forget the need to commit to their wellness to include self-care. Many professionals are faced with the impending dilemma of trying to balance their life commitments while achieving their professional pursuits, having time for their personal wellness and cultivating relationships. With daily work demands, everything is a priority, but people must understand what is the first priority that empowers them to fulfill all other demands. This is an increasingly widespread challenge with today’s working professionals.

The speed of light is the speed of thought that is the glory of thought this is the spirit behind the thought which gives clarity and understanding to empower working Christian professionals to work at a rapid pace. This clarity and understanding can be hindered when working outside of God’s glory where Christian professionals have been graced to become the manifestation of His heavenly mindset full of infinite wisdom and understanding. This is due to people still needing more time to heal and resolve underlying issues that hinder their professional progression and ability to work efficiently derived from not understanding Christ-centered wellness that empowers Godly self-love and self-care.

Therefore, for the working Christian professional whole person healing is no longer a choice, but more of a must if they want to be able to not only have a healthy work-life balance but to have a better quality of life because they understand how to practically work their gift of eternal life that is the manifestation of their heavenly mindset where the glory of God’s graced understanding and true wisdom is revealed as well as fulfilled through them.

As believers in Christ, we believe Christ is not only our King but Savior. Christ as Savior heals what hinders our ability to become who God created us to be to embrace Christ-centered self-love and how that is expressed through our self-care, personal and professional relationships. When believers in Christ understand that Christ as Lord, empowers our mind with the true wisdom and graced understanding needed to manifest our intellectual power; we will know how to implement the Godly strategy that is needed in life as well as expected of all working professionals, revealing the competency to fulfill the expectations of their relational positioning; both personally and professionally.

As a Holistic Life And Relational Wellness Coach, I have found more times than not work-related anxiety is because they do not understand how to recognize the underlying triggers outside and inside of work that impacts their ability to perform while at work. I have encountered working professionals who fulfill the work requirements of their employer, have yet to understand how to manage their relationships, time, and resources. Therefore, what may seem like work-related anxiety is the stress of not understanding how to renew the spirit of their mind to awaken their grace to manage. Many Christian professionals overcompensate at work as well as in life until they reach the point of exhaustion that is burnout right before they desire to switch employers, churches, and any other life commitment for the satisfaction they believe the “do-over” and “new beginning” will bring their human psyche and lifestyle that seems like a new and promising opportunity. However, it is a repeat of what they have yet to learn to understand their identity in Christ.

As a Holistic Life & Relational Wellness Coach, I believe the first priority is the personal well being of the working professional and I am not alone. Dr. Prudence L. Gourguechon who is a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, provided a statement within a fairly recent U.S. News and Worlds Report Article sharing that an increase of work-related anxiety has now become a common experience. I believe this is especially common for the working Christian professional who is called to be in the world but not of the world as they are told to not conform to the world but be transformed by the renewing of their mind. It is easy for work-related anxiety to creep up on any working professional, whether they believe in Christ or not because of the pressure and demands that come with performance and desire to be a high achiever in life as well as work. The daily work commitments to include strategic people management can become overwhelming for anyone who has not encountered the true understanding of what and who fulfills them as they express that in their personal engagements and professional pursuits.

As a Residential Property Manager of multi-family apartment homes with over fifteen years of leadership and management experience, I transitioned into the wellness industry providing holistic life and relational wellness coaching as well as leadership training to working Christian professionals from a Christ-centered wellness perspective. I have found that many working professionals have learned how to manage their work responsibilities but not their overall life responsibilities that negatively impacts their ability to maintain long term work performance, job satisfaction as well as personal relationships.

They lack the fulfillment that the human psyche needs to commit to what they think they desire in life which is the fulfilling presence of God’s love, wisdom, and understanding.

Wisdom is the principal thing; Therefore get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding. – Proverbs 4:7 nkjv

This directly impacts a working Christian professional desire to not only change organizations when their work-related anxiety becomes too much for them to manage; but also anywhere else they experience the pressure that comes with their life’s commitments when they do not understand how to manage the weight of the blessing that is the responsibility of working their faith of what they first considered a blessing. They think the work-related anxiety is because of their current job. In some instances, this may be true if you are out of alignment with your God-given work assignment. However, in most instances, there are underlying causes that are triggers that have yet to be discovered. These underlying triggers are the results of mind blockage due to the lack of understanding how to manage their mind their life responsibilities due to anxiety, depression and other unresolved spiritual health issues, that some think is only mental health issues that prevent people from working at the rapid pace they desire. This is a direct result of not understanding how to heal and practically work to manifest the mind of Christ in and through them. Until these underlying triggers are resolved, the working Christian professional will continue to be unfulfilled will be negatively impacted until they change their approach to life to include personal, professional and leadership development.

More than ever there is a high demand for Christ-centered holistic professional development where whole person healing is part of the training being provided to Christian professionals. When believers in Christ who are working within the secular marketplace understand the necessity of their personal and professional development from a Christ-centered holistic perspective; they will encounter the ultimate winning life strategy that equips them to work at the level of performance they desire for the organization they are assigned to by God, their leadership capabilities because they have come to understand kingdom of God culture and how He gives us all the power to get wealth.

And you shall remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you the power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He swore to your fathers, as it is this day. – Deuteronomy 8:18

This means stepping out on faith and investing in Christ-centered wellness training that will not be provided by their secular marketplace employer because it is rooted in the Christian faith that is not apart of the equal employment opportunity laws that their secular employer has to enforce. Until Christian organizations understand the benefit of offering Christ-centered training resources that include whole-person healing as part of their leadership development training, they will lose a lot of time, talent, resources, and income in unnecessary employee turnover that could have been better utilized within other areas of their organization’s financial planning to include people management, budgeting, quality control, and expense management.

New You Wellness Institute provides whole-person healing and leadership development training within our New You Wellness Institute Lifeclass Course. Christian professionals, as well as Christian organizations, benefit from the New You Wellness Institute Lifeclass Course because it is their opportunity to invest in the whole person healing, personal development, professional development and leadership development of their people from a Christ-centered holistic perspective with a relational wellness approach. The New You Wellness Institute Lifeclass Course provides online curriculum to working professionals and Christian organizations for self-study time, group coaching, as well as scheduling private holistic life and relational wellness coaching sessions equipping them working towards the purpose, vision, and mission of the individual as well as the Christian organization.


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