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It Is Time To Start Your Wellness Journey Of Overcoming Emotional Anxiety

When we focus on anything other than God’s healing presence, we allow that presence to infiltrate our minds and hearts with unhealthy emotional manifestations of the spirit of fear, to include the unhealthy emotional manifestation of anxiety (1 Timothy 1:7).  The presence of God is His higher and heavenly thoughts as well as the desires of God that encompass the mind and heart of God, where our healing resides. When we enter the mind and heart of God through abiding in the living word of God, we enter the powerful presence of healing, which is our powerful presence to overcome the emotional manifestations of anxiety that is the result of some distressing event from experiencing emotional trauma.
When we practice the act of being still as we abide in the presence of God’s living word, we allow His living word to do a perfect work of emotional healing with the powerful presence of His Holy Spirit that overcomes the spirit of fear that is the strength of emotional anxiety.  God’s Holy Spirit will minister to us His peace that surpasses all understanding to include the emotional anxiety that is distressing our emotions. Contrary to what some people believe, The mind of Christ is still our Great Counselor and Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6). The mind of Christ, working in the mind and hearts of people He prepared to bring the gift of His infinite healing, becomes our mighty weapon for pulling down strongholds to include the emotional stronghold of emotional anxiety that is an issue of the heart. This issue requires emotional healing that requires you and I to pursue our emotional wellness found in the mind and heart of God that is the powerful healing presence of God purposed to heal the wounded mind and heart of every emotional stronghold to include emotional anxiety.
Anxiety comes to stunt our ability to enjoy a better quality of life with the desire to stop a peaceful and enjoyable life. Anxiety is an emotional manifestation that occurs when we are trusting our own understanding pertaining to the prevalent issue that occurred from a distressing event that is bringing about emotional anxiety. When we allow the wisdom and understanding of God to resolve the issues of the heart that is bringing about the emotional anxiety, we encounter the truth of God that sets us free from emotional anxiety. Because emotional anxiety is a manifestation of the spirit of fear, it is also a result of an embedded lie that took hold of our emotions creating an unhealthy emotional soul tie to the understanding of fear that is the strength of emotional anxiety.
When we pursue our emotional healing by getting help to combat emotional anxiety, we will encounter the truth that sets us free from suffering from emotional anxiety that is the result of emotional trauma derived from a distressing event. When the underlying issues of emotional trauma are identified, the unhealthy emotional manifestation of anxiety can be healed with the implementation of a wellness plan that will bring about the healing and powerful presence of new-found wisdom, peace, love and understanding.
There is a word of faith that has an understanding of faith that is purposed to help you overcome emotional anxiety by empowering you to address the unresolved emotional trauma that embedded the spirit of fear in your emotions that is the strength of emotional anxiety. The presence of God’s infinite wisdom is the soulcare you need to start your wellness journey of pursuing your healing and discovering the new healed you who is able to enjoy the gift of life because you pursued your healed presence that healed the issues of your wounded heart.
We can not start the process of emotional healing until we acknowledge our need to heal. Some people do not realize their need for emotional healing because the dysfunction of a wounded heart has been ingrained in their wounded identity. What we focus on, we empower.  What we pursue, becomes the way we think, believe, feel, desire and respond. Therefore, let’s focus on your whole person healing and empower your whole person wellness where your peace will be restored in how you think, believe, feel, desire and respond. 
I invite you to consider the New You Wellness Biblical Institute by  booking your first Holistic Life & Relational Wellness session .  It is time to start your wellness journey of overcoming emotional anxiety. It is time to start your healing journey of living a better quality of life that is purposed to be peaceful and enjoyable by understanding the healing plan of God that will restore your emotional wellness, providing you with a better quality of life.  

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  1. Thank you lady Joy, I’m super-blessed! by the content, of such divinely designed, Spiritual material. I pray that my whole being. Mind, spirit, body, and soul be transformed by the renewing of my mind, through the power of the Holy Spirit, and such profound healing materials, of holistic life and wellness application. It’s humbling and excited at the same time.
    Loving all your inspirationals.❤️❤️

    Thanks for the invitation.
    Love & grace

    1. Hi Verlene! I am so glad our resources are able to bless you in this season of life. Thank you your excitement and kind response has inspired me. May you know real love and wellness without limits.

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