Elite Gentlemen Society Podcast

Elite Gentlemen Society Talks Revival With David Newby


Lady Joy, Founder of New You Wellness Bible Institute and Host of Elite Gentlemen Society Podcast talks revival with David Newby who is an End-Time Revivalist, Global Developer, Spiritual Leader, Life Development Strategist, and founder of the REVIVE! Movement, among other things. Through REVIVE!, David hopes to help usher in a spiritual awakening and revival worldwide. He is also the author of a groundbreaking book called, State of the Kingdom Address, which helps build up the Body of Christ and spread the gospel.
Since high school, David has been on a quest to grow closer to God, excel in business, and revolutionize the world through his work. He is well en route to achieving all three. David attended schools such as University of Maryland College Park and Morgan State University, before graduating from University of Phoenix with both a BS in Business/Public Administration and a MBA in Global Management.
However, it was during a time at University of Maryland, that David had an epiphany, leading him to God. Almost 20 years since that experience, David has become a highly sought after Christian leader, business executive, and humanitarian. He has started a number of companies, including Global Innovations and Development, DGN Training, REVIVE! Inc. and others.
David looks forward to working with, empowering, and/or training Kingdom-minded people who are dedicated to doing the will of God and advancing His Kingdom on earth.


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