Elite Gentlemen Society Podcast

Elite Gentlemen Society Podcast Get’s Inspired To Work With Paul Sunday


Lady Joy, Founder of New You Wellness Bible Institute online publication and Host of Elite Gentlemen Society Podcast connects with Paul Sunday as he reminds us how important faith and focus is in the life of believers! Paul Ige Adeyanju aka Paul Sunday is a twin, the second of the two and the last child in a family of six children. After his high school education in Nigeria, he moved to the United States of America in 2009 to further his educational aspirations. He is a 2015 graduate of Victory Bible College in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and currently a Psychology student with a minor in Business at Oral Roberts University. His calling is to enlighten people with God’s word and be one of the greatest supports of the church in these last days. Over the years, Paul has been involved in various speaking and teaching engagements, and he continues to use his God-given gifts to encourage everyone he meets to live a life of good moral values, of hope, and trust in God. From his many writings, published and unpublished, you can always see his desire to enlighten and encourage his readers with the genuine truth of God’s word. He’s also a songwriter and poet.


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  1. Awesome Podcast Guys! The Christ in both of you just came All the Way Through! Thanks I really enjoyed the conversation.

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