Good Eats Podcast

When God Knows Your Name

When God knows our name, we can have peace in the middle of the storm. Assurance in the middle of the battle. Victory at the beginning and end of the war. When God knows our name, we have entered intimate relationship that the bible calls covenant. There is no need to fear the worst when God is preparing us for His best. He positions us to be strengthened in our time of surrender and come out as His mighty weapons of war (Jeremiah 51:20-26). The war of disbelief in the promises of God comes to enslave our thoughts words, emotions and actions to stop the manifestation of the presence of God coming into the earth through us to bring healing and restoration to all who will believe.

The word of God tells us in Romans 8 of our identity in Christ. The identity of being a son and therefore daughter of God. When you are a son and daughter of God, you carry the presence of God’s spirit in your thoughts, words, emotions and actions that make you one as God is one, whole as God is whole and holy as God is holy. We receive this sonship through the Spirit of our living God where we are empowered by the Spirit of God to put to death the deceitful lust and wicked desires of the flesh because we are being led by His Holy Spirit. What makes God Spirit Holy is He is perfect in love because His is the Creator of perfect love, which is His glory full of grace and truth.

This journey we are on in life is about discovering our name in Christ where our true identity of power, love and sound mind is revealed. Empowering us to defeat what and who wants to keep us from knowing our identity in Christ where God knows our name and we understand how and why we are sons and daughters of God.

I invite you to enjoy this good eat by Tasha Cobbs featuring Jimi Cravity and invest in purchasing this as a digital download as part of your playlist. When we invest our time, talent, treasure to include finances in what edifies, heals and cleanses our mind, spirit, soul and body we are empowered to win in life. Every blessing starts in the mind and heart of mankind. Every curse starts in the mind and heart of mankind. However, when we invest in the blessed presence of God released by His sons and daughters we come to understand how we too are sons and daughters of God through His Holy Spirit that makes us new in Christ where we are set free by the grace and truth of God.

Let us know how we can stand with you in prayer. Comment below and tell us how God knows your name!

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