How God Brings The Increase

For those of you who have a word from God but have not encountered your harvest, I pray your faith will be strengthened by this month’s publisher’s message, “How God Brings The Increase” . Everyday God wants to grow our seed of faith to full maturation so we can experience our harvest of faith. However, everyday we must water that seed through prayer, meditation on God’s living word and spirit led fasting that breaks every chain. The prayer, meditation, studying and fasting,  is the waiting process of faith that can be likened to the germination process that a seed has to go through before it is harvested. During this germination process God’s living word becomes one with our mind, spirit, soul and body that prepares us to walk by faith because we have become that tree that is planted by the river of the Holy Spirit so what ever we do will prosper (Psalms 1:1-3). When God brings the increase, deliverance from whatever afflicts our mind, spirit, soul and body is defeated. He gives the increase so we are made whole by faith in our spiritual health, emotional health, relational health, intellectual health, financial health and physical health.

When our faith is positioned, we can put an expectation on God’s living word to attract what we need, desire and prepared for by faith. The word of God tells us in James 2:14-26 that faith without works is dead. In order to activate our faith we must understand the path of faith we need to travel to manifest the evidence of our faith through God’s grace (Proverbs 3:5-6). Without faith it is impossible to please God because it takes us understanding faith to hear God instruct us to walk by His living word of faith.

Hearing faith is at the beginning of us receiving the promises of God. Faith must be worked if we expect to see the harvest that is hidden inside the seed of faith. Like any harvest, the seed of faith must be tended to and cared for in order for the harvest of increase to occur. If our seed of faith is not planted and watered, we can not expect God to give the increase. However, when we plant the seed of faith and nurture the seed of faith with the water of the living word of God, we can expect our harvest of increase to occur. This harvest of increase is multi dimensional filled with the abundance of God’s presence. However, we must endure the growth process of faith to experience the harvest of increase. The harvest of increase is how God promotes us in wisdom, position and favor with Him and mankind.

When we hear the word of God, we must stay focused in the word of God and wait until the harvest of understanding the word of God occurs, empowering us to walk by faith. This is at the beginning of us working the faith we understand and how faith becomes alive. When our spiritual work of hearing faith is complete, now we can expect the increase of our faith that is an abundance of God’s riches being supplied through Christ Jesus on our behalf. Depending on the seed of faith, the time of the expected harvest varies. For example it takes corn sixty (60) to (100) days to harvest in the right climate. After an apple tree is fully grown, it takes another six to ten years for the apple tree to bear the first harvest of fruit.

The harvest of increase is about intimacy with God that is at the core of right relationship with God. The more we become intimate with the presence of God in us, the more we will have intimacy with the right people around us. In God’s presence is fullness of joy, pleasure, healing, wholeness and every perfect work of Christ Jesus. In His presence there is grace and truth that redeems our hearts and minds back to the image and likeness of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.  This intimacy was and is our gift of eternal life (Romans 6:23). This is the harvest of increase Jesus came to bring. This is the gift of eternal life that Jesus came to release. This is the power of God’s kingdom and righteousness that adds all things to us (Matthew 6:23).

This month, as the Founder and Publisher of SUIPStyle Inspirations, I am believing and trusting God that this will be the minute, hour, day, week, month and year of my increase. Will you join me? Every day we water our faith with the living word of God, we can expect Him to bring the increase of His understanding needed to travel on our path of faith. When we pursue the kingdom of God, that is hidden in the mind of Christ, we understand the seed of faith. This seed of faith needs to be watered through our devotional time with God as we wait for Him to bring the increase needed to fulfill our purpose, vision plan and missional assignments.

If this month’s publisher’s message speaks to where you are in your faith walk, I ask that you submit your best donation so we can continue the work of supplying you and other’s readers with the knowledge of God’s living word, purposed to strengthen us all on our faith walk during our life’s journey. We are working to launch our online SUIPStyle Wellness Boutique of lifestyle products. This will be our fundraising boutique that will assist us in helping to minister to underserved and unfinanced women, men, couples and families who need to be healed by the living word of God as they regain their strength to walk by faith. Thank you in advance for those of you who have donated and will donate. The donation link is here as well as below.

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