Self Love

Your Self Love Is Priceless

In Life, we place value on people and things. We place value on things by the products we invest in based on a perceived need or present desire. We place value on people based on relationships we feel we need or desire to have as a part of our lives. We even place value on ourselves based on our perceived beliefs of who we are and who we desire to become. The thing with value is it is in the eyes and hearts of the person who is doing the perceiving. Perception is a reality, however, the reality is not always the truth. The word of God tells us in Isaiah 55:8-9 that His perception is higher and heavenly than our perception. He even tells us in Proverbs 3:5 to not trust our own perception, instead acknowledge Him and His perception will direct our path. Perception is what someone believes in thought, word, emotion and deed. Our identity is created, formed, and developed by what we desire ourselves to believe. Having the right perception means everything and having the wrong perception could cost you everything.

As individuals, we need to have the right perception of ourselves. We need to know ourselves through God’s perception. His perception gives us the right identity, the right belief and the right plan because His perception of us is rooted in His Holy Love towards us. Understanding God’s Love is at the beginning of us practicing self- love. When we understand God’s love towards us, we gain the right perspective not only of ourselves but of people. Having the wrong perspective of ourselves enables us to have the wrong perspective of people. This wrong perspective prevents us from experiencing the power of His love and therefore the power, love and sound mind that is rooted in our own Christ identity. Our Christ identity is our righteous belief and revelation of who God purposed and created us to be for His glory that becomes our life story. As Human beings, our identity and lifestyle is the evidence of our strongest beliefs, whether those beliefs are true or false.

When we invest the time to understand who God created us to be, within time we will come to know our true identity, true beliefs that come from His right perspective of power, love and a sound mind. This perspective heals the broken and limited perspective of anyone who does not see you through the eyes of a Godly love that is a righteous love and an empowering love that edifies you, to uplift you, encourages you, to transform you and believes in you, to heal you. This kind of love is priceless and selfless. This kind of love is righteous and holy. This kind of love is sustaining and empowering. This kind of love is justified and blameless. This kind of love is the gift of eternal life to us from God so we will not suffer from an imperfect love that disqualifies us. Whom God has qualified as righteous and wonderfully made, the disqualification of people will not remain. Therefore, you grabbing hold of your right to pursue your God identity is priceless because in that identity is your right to love yourself as God loves you. It will cost you losing the wrong perspective of who people perceived you as being. However, in turn, you will gain the right perspective of becoming who God knew you to be before He formed you in your mother’s womb. He knows the plans He has for you, to give you a hope and favorable future that will position you where He has qualified you and assigned you to be.

I invite you to sign up for the New You Self Love Wellness Program where we help you to discover the new you rooted in the right perspective of who God knows you to be as you learn practically how to embrace His perspective and belief as your new identity of self love and your new  lifestyle of self- worth.

Photo Inspiration: Rachel Renovah, a christian, model and lifestyle influencer.

© Copyright 2018


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