Eight Commitments of Success You Should Set for 2018

Every New Year in America it is a tradition to set New Year’s resolutions that will help people reach the goals they desire to have in their lives. Many of the people, I know to include myself (when I did participate in resolutions) do not achieve these desired resolutions because they lack to understand how to become what they desire to attract in their lives. The power of attraction has a lot to do with the power of harnessing your ability to achieve what you desire. This power of harnessing that some believers understand as the power of harvesting starts with the seeds we plant in order to harness the harvest we desire. If is against the wisdom principles of God to expect a harvest in the areas of our life that we did not sow the right seeds to produce the harvest we desire. The seeds are the thoughts of our mind and the harvest is the power to rightly and practically apply the actions to obtain the desired results.

The word of God tells us to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all things will be added to us (Matthew 6:33). God gives us the wisdom principal of seeking His kingdom and righteousness first because inside His kingdom and righteousness is the power to harness the harvest we desire. Outside of God’s kingdom and righteousness, any harvest that is produced is not established in His blessed harvest. God’s blessed harvest includes His power, presence, protection, and provision to maintain, keep and increase what we have been given to manage in life. Another way of saying harvest is results. Regardless in life we will have results in life. However, those results are not always blessed. Instead those results may seem good but eventually will end in a curse. Any results we obtain in life that is not rooted in the faith we are instructed to walk by has a harvest of death and curses instead of a harvest of life and blessings (Deuteronomy 30:19)

I have listed eight wisdom principles of success that we all should commit to in order to increase in wisdom and understanding that attracts desired results that are established in God’s power, presence, protection and provision. The wisdom principle list is as follows:

1) Command your day by reviving your thought life in morning prayer and thanksgiving towards God.
2) Encourage yourself by meditating on the word of God and journaling your reflections.
3) Refresh your soul with music that ministers eternal life to your will, desires, and emotions that encompasses your soul
4) Take a leisure walk or follow a fitness plan to awaken and align your mind, spirit, soul, and body in the power, presence, protection and provision of faith. I call my fitness plan graced empowered fitness.
5) Heal your body with food that strengthens it not weaken it. The food we sow by eating will produce a harvest of health or disease.
6) Join a community that supports your God-given purpose, vision plan, and life assignments. This is important because this is your identity in Christ.
7) Take a staycation, vacation or retreat every ninety days that empowers your whole person as it declutters your mind, spirit, soul, and body. This will refresh your focus to realign in the areas that need a little tweaking because hey, life challenges happen and we need help getting our mind back in the game. This is so important to our total well-being in life.
8) Join the SUIP Wellness Community and let us partner with your commitment in the above seven wisdom principles. We are committed to making each minute, hour, and day of your life, the best ever starting with our 40 Day New You Empowerment Journey. We believe that seeking God’s kingdom and righteousness first is the foundation of us having all desired results added to our life. So, I encourage you to pursue the support you need to live the life you please! Connect and let us help you heal to know the desires of your heart as you harness the power to get results!


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One comment

  1. I Love this post! It really spoke to me, as I was currently studying on the 7 pillars of wisdom.The 7 pillars are
    1) We are what we think
    2) We become what we say
    3) We become what we believe
    4) We become what we behold
    5) We become what/who we follow
    6)We become what we hear and heed
    7)We become what we eat and drink

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