Being Strengthened In Your Faith Walk

Our faith walk is not contingent on our perfect execution of the rules, but is guaranteed victorious because of God’s perfected love for us working on our behalf to favor us who believe in His ability to do exceedingly, abundantly above anything we can ask or think according to His power working in us. Stand strong in faith and know that 1 John 4:18 stands true when stated, “There is no fear in love; but perfect love removes fear, because fear involves torment, he who fears has not been made perfect in love. We love Him because He first loved us.” His perfect love, perfects our understanding empowering us to live by faith and not by fear. Anything or anyone who is trying to implant fear in you, I encourage you to go and enter into the loving presence of God’s living and powerful word where fear will not remain. Grab hold of your power, love and sound mind; as you get ready to work through every limitation as you   intentionally focus on the limitless supply of wisdom, understanding and favor that is always available to you; guiding you in the truth that sets you free from the limitations of a lie disguised as fear.

Know that in Christ you are more than a conqueror. He gives you the knowledge and ability to complete your assignments in life, love and work in His excellent wisdom. In Christ we can do all things, because His presence in us is our strength to overcome whatever is trying to limit us. His name is above every name and there is not a battle He has not won and a soul He has not forgiven. Because of what Christ accomplished on the cross, it is no longer a sin issue but if we will accept the forgiveness He prayed on our behalf on the cross, “Father, forgive them. They know not what they do” as we accept our healing and restoration in the presence of His living and powerful word. We are no longer bound by the heaviness of the law because His grace has made it possible for us to fulfill the truth of God in every area of our life.

Decide today, not to depend on your own strength, but the strength of God’s thoughts and ways available to you to activate by faith in every area of your life that is trying to test your faith. If God is before you, who can be against you? There is nothing that can separate you from the love of God, not even you. So run towards your strength and allow His word to heal and restore what seems impossible, but is made possible because of His enduring love for you and His redeeming power that has already established you as victorious.

Sisters, my prayer for you today is that you desire to know more of Him and more of you in His eyes. I pray that knowing Him, becomes your consuming passion that guides you through your circumstances towards knowing the truth that sets you free to be who you are purposed to be and experience what you are gifted to receive. Reside in His presence and let His presence reside in you, because apart from His presence; you and I are faced with the limitless of our ability to change what can only be transformed in His presence, which is our mind, spirit, soul and body that is the foundation of living a blessed lifestyle. Consider enrolling in our “Pursuit To Wholeness” Purpose Webinars where we help lay the foundation of you understanding your strength to walk by faith and not by fear.


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Lady Joy

Hi I am the Founder of New You Wellness Lifestyle Multimedia Publication. I am also the Pastoral Counselor of New You Wellness Online Institute where my team and I provide Holistic Life & Relational Wellness Coaching, biblical counseling and soon to be therapy sessions via telephone sessions and video conference sessions. We provide in person biblical counseling sessions, therapy sessions, wellness workshops, wellness events and wellness retreats at our New You Wellness Suites locations. I hope you have been blessed by the content within New You Wellness Lifestyle Multimedia Publication. Please consider becoming a New You Wellness Lifestyle Subscriber where we can improve our current multimedia content to strengthen your faith and wellness in your everyday lifestyle.

2 thoughts on “Being Strengthened In Your Faith Walk”

  1. Your words of encouragement are overwhelming TRUTH for me, I know it was not by mistake it was by design that I found your website this morning. I kept reading it over and over again to embed your words of encouragement in my mind, heart, and spirit. Thank you! Deborah

    1. Hi Deborah! I am glad you were blessed. I would love to connect with you more. I want to invite you to join my SUIP Online Community. Basic membership is free and have many perks. I hope to see you there so we can have the opportunity to connect some more! May God’s grace be abundant in your life.

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