The Benefits Of Abiding In His Presence

Once we understand what His presence has made possible, we would never want to leave where His presence resides. Every good thing God has for us is encountered when we abide in His presence. When we reside where His presence is for our life, we bear the good fruit that attracts every good thing, which is the benefit of being one with God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. In His presence we come to understand the truth that sets us free from settling for anything less than His best, which is His will for our life.

God’s will is not to condemn us or limit our happiness. On the contrary, His will is that we be free to enjoy Him, each other and all His creation. We are created to be in intimate relationship with God because as Jesus is, so are we in this world (1 John 4:17-19). We are purposed to become the living word of God in the flesh that is the evidence of His glory that is full of grace and truth (John 1:14).

His presence transforms what is broken and hurtful in our life because in His presence we experience fullness of joy and pleasures forevermore.  We are never obligated by law to serve God, because with obligation is the absence of His perfect love. God’s presence empowers us to grow in love as He strengthens us to walk by faith. When we walk by faith, we walk with God like Adam walked with God in the garden of Eden and Jesus walked with God during His time on earth. To walk with God is to believe the promises of God for your life against all odds.

When we believe the living word God has sent us, we witness the everyday miracle of residing in God’s presence. The miracle of having joy instead of mourning, peace instead of chaos, faith instead of fear, contentment instead of dissatisfaction, abundance instead of lack. The miracle of walking by faith births our true identity in Christ, where every benefit is released because it is covered in His will and established as good in His kingdom. The benefit of knowing the beauty of His presence in every area of our life restores relationships, heals families, births purpose and peace all around in a world that is surrounded in fear and chaos.

His presence is our blessing, protection and light in a dark and evil world that is void of His presence. His presence is our peace in a dysfunctional world of chaos. His presence is our order of faith and path of right living. His presence is everything that is good and right about human beings and creation. The more we abide in His presence, the more we will birth His presence in our lifestyle and within the earth where His kingdom is purposed to be established.

The benefits of His presence is without end because His kingdom has no end. It is constantly expanding as we encounter the revelation of how great He is, but how accessible His presence is in every area of our life. He desires that the fragrance of His presence be diffused in every area of our life so we can live and experience the fullness of Him on earth as He is in heaven.

Sisters and Ladies, my prayer towards you is that you intentionally enter the beauty of His presence so you can experience the benefits of relationship and the blessing of knowing and loving Him.

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