Self Love

Returning To Your First Love


When we keep God as first love in our heart, we discern God’s presence.  This means we are aware of His presence in us and at work in our lives. God’s presence is His peace that passes all understanding which gives rest to a tired and distracted soul. When we allow people and things to become a greater desire in our heart, then the desire for more of God’s presence in our life, our hearts become harden to His presence in us and at work in our lives (Psalms 96:8-11). When our hearts are hardened to the presence of God, the enemy of our soul has an advantage of deceiving us with the evil desire to kill, steal and destroy the gift of knowing God’s presence in our lives. When we are not aware of God’s presence, we can be tricked to believe and live a lie that comes to make us stray away from God’s thoughts and ways having us miss the blessing of being aware to God’s presence in us.

Being aware of God’s presence in us at work around us, gives rest to our whole person as He removes the presence of fear and evil intent at work in our life (1 John 4:17-19). God’s presence, is His rest because His presence carries His peace and the revelation of His glory that is full of grace and truth. The word of God tells us in John 8:32, you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. The more we abide in the presence of God’s living word, the more we enter His rest that gives peace to the raging storms in our life. The more we enter God’s rest the more we are perfected in true love and encounter the power of God’s healing and restoration, making us whole in mind, spirit, soul and body. God’s presence in our life not only heals and restores what was broken, but His presence empowers us to live in the freedom of His truth so we do not have to be victimized by a lie. His presence in our life, makes us win in life because in His presence is fullness of joy and pleasures forevermore. When we enter His presence, we enter our true identity and understand the authenticity of who He is, who we are and who we have been purposed to be as we fulfill the assignment of loving our neighbor as our self.

The more we let go of who we think we have to be  or have in order to pursue His presence in our life, we will experience joy where there used to be pain, we will experience pleasure where it use to be regret, we will experience wholeness, where there use to be brokenness, we will experience peace where it use to be chaos.

When we intentionally pursue the heart of God, we will understand the glory of His kingdom and the righteousness of His character; where we are made a new creation in Christ where our old desires, frustrations and problems become our past because we have invited God into our lives to heal our present as He secures our future in His peace and everlasting joy. God is not distant, He is near, we just have to be willing to let go of what leads our heart astray from knowing Him and His ways.


© Copyright 2017


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