Understanding The Intent And Purpose Of Righteous Desire In Relationships

Whatever we seek first in life, has the ability to control our soul and therefore desires where the desire becomes an idol. When we seek God first and His righteousness, He frees our heart with His righteous desire so we can rule over what we desire, instead of our desires ruling over us. We have to submit all desire to God because he understands the order, intent and purpose of His creation. If we go after the desire before God we are blinded to the right order, right intent, right purpose of His creation and the desire will end up ruling us because the desire itself becomes a god that know has control of our desires.

Desires not submitted to God becomes issues in relationships because the desire for relationship is void of God’s order,  purpose without us understanding the proper intent for that relationship (Hebrews 4:12). God is Creator of all creation and He understands the purpose and therefore proper intent of all desires for His creation, especially man and woman. When man and woman worship, each other, who is God’s creation before Him, the Creator, they will have a lack of understanding the order, intent and purpose of His creation, which will open their heart to be hurt by the issues of improper relationship that is a result of having a lack of understanding the right order, purpose, desire and intent of man and woman within a relationship.  The issues occur because we misuse a man or woman out of our own understanding, instead of submitting that desire for companionship to God’s understanding who knows the right desire, intent and purpose of all romantic relationships.

All relationships, especially romantic relationships are meant to be enjoyed so we can grow in  deeper understanding of God’s unconditional love, peace and wisdom which brings us into deeper intimacy with the Creator, each other and therefore proper understanding the right desire, intent and purpose of romantic relationships.  Any desire for a companionship with a man or woman that has not been submitted to the will of God becomes sin because it lacks His right desire, purpose and is void of His righteous intent (Romans 6:23). When we seek God before we seek to be in romantic relationship, He purifies our desire by revealing to us the proper desire, purpose and intent for which we are to 

experience the fullness of companionship and intimacy that comes within healthy relationship with God, self and others.

A man and woman were created to be a gift from God to carry the fullness of His unconditional love, peace and joy that only remains in His presence. God never purposed for us to be in relationship with people outside of His presence because when we are in relationship with people outside His presence we lack the understanding on how to care for each other with God’s righteous desire, purpose and intent within the relationship. Righteous desire within romantic relationship is how God establishes unconditional love within the relationship so both man and woman can enjoy the full pleasure of committed relationship . When relationships are out of order, selfish desire is present and a cycle of chaos is established. God desires all improper relationships to get back in proper alignment with His righteous order of desire, purpose and intent so that He can establish His righteous desire for perfect love that cast out all fear.

When man and woman  desire each other more than they desire to please God within their relationship, chaos enters the relationship because man and woman did not value understanding God’s right desire, purpose and intent for companionship that can only be found in His presence.   When we understand the right desire, purpose and intent of romantic relationship, we understand God’s righteous order and therefore God’s righteous desire of the perfect love that removes fear as perfect loves heals and restores the heart’s ability to love like God unconditionally. When our relationships does not reflect the perfect love of God, it does not reflect the joy and pleasure of God’s peace, love and wisdom because it has become void of God’righteous order of righteous desire. The word of God tells us in Matthew 6:33, “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you.” It is in us seeking to understand God’s kingdom and righteousness within romantic relationship that we come to understand the right desire, intent and purpose of companionship.

When man and women reflects the image of God, we become one with God and therefore whole in God. When man and woman reflects disorder, it reflect the chaos of  God’s fallen man that has been separated from the glory of God’s peace, love and soundness of mind. You may ask why does this matter? Until we desire to seek God’s kingdom and righteousness first, our life will be a reflection of chaos instead of a reflection of His perfected love working in us, through us and in all of His creation. This empowers us to maintain and keep His righteous order of righteous desire, purpose and intent in relationships to include romantic relationships.

As believers in Christ we are purposed to return back to God’s righteous order of desire, starting with our own lives. The more we seek God’s kingdom and righteousness for our life, the more we will become one with Him in thought, word, emotion, and action where we are purposed to love Him with all our heart so He can teach us how to love our neighbor as our new self who reflects the glory and presence of His perfected love.

If you are experiencing a lifestyle and relationship of chaos where you know your life is out of order and you are desire to come off and stay off the emotional roller coaster to get your life back in God’s righteous order of desire, purpose and intent; let us partner with you in our one of New You Wellness Bible Institute Course offerings. Overcome relational chaos as you learn to get your life back in alignment with God’s blessed order, desire, purpose and intent  as we help you walk by faith. Every issue in life is a heart issue of wrong order, wrong intent, wrong desire and improper purpose that needs to be healed and restored back to God’s right order, right intent, right desire and proper purpose.


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Lady Joy

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