Understanding The Importance And Effectiveness Of Prayer

Prayer is designed to change the spiritual image and likeness of people to reflect the spiritual image and likeness of God. This image and likeness manifested in Jesus and He shared abundantly with mankind as He transformed the spiritual image and likeness in people. Because Jesus was able to love God with all that He is, Jesus in turn loved His neighbor as himself; fulfilling the greatest commandments of love mentioned in Mark 12:29-31. This is why the word of God tells us in Philippians 2:5 to let this mind be in us that is also in Christ Jesus.  Jesus Christ has the spiritual image and likeness of God the Father with no error nor imperfection. During Jesus time on earth He walked this spiritual image and likeness out in His life towards God, towards himself and towards people. His spiritual image and likeness brings eternal life transformational change in people on earth today as it is already in heaven.

When Jesus started His ministry, He said to repent, the kingdom of God is at hand. Jesus possessed the kingdom of God in Him and He was sent to share the kingdom of God with the lost people of the world. Everyday the kingdom of God was strengthened in Jesus through prayer and obedience to what God revealed to Jesus through prayer. Prayer is an open invitation to communicate with God and allow God to communicate His will, way and desires back to us. Prayer is designed to direct our steps in the understanding of God’s way which is the best way because it is the way of peace that passes all understanding that resolves problems and it is the way of love that destroys all hate.

Prayer is the way of faith that conquers all fear and prayer is the way of change that brings lasting healing and restoration to broken souls that need more of God’s presence. These broken souls needs more of God’s presence in them in order to manifest more of God’s presence out of them towards others that empowers them to love their neighbor, better known  as mankind as themselves. Apart from the spiritual image and likeness of God we do not have the capacity to love whole heartedly, sacrificially and powerfully which is needed to conquer brokeness, bitterness, unforgiveness, jealousy, hatred, strife, ill intentions, fear and all other evil spirits that want to rule our emotions.

Prayer is the beginning of acknowledging our understanding is not only limited but falls short of the perfected image and likeness of Gods power love and a sound mind. Prayer is the beginning of turning away from our way of thinking to seek a higher and heavenly way of thinking. God told us in Isaiah 55:8-9. that He does not think like us because His thoughts are higher and heavenly. But He also tells us in Jeremiah 33:3 to pray to Him and ask of Him and He will show us great and mighty things we do not know. He further tells us in Matthew 7:7-8 to ask seek and knock and we shall receive, find and have the door opened to us. He further tells us that we will find Him when we search for Him with all our heart.

God guarantees that when we pray according to His will we have confidence in answered prayer. He also tells us the way to get there. He tells us in 2 Chronicles 7:14 that when His people who are called by His name will humble themselves and pray and seek His face and turn from their wicked ways that He will hear from heaven and forgive their sin and heal their land. The land is spiritual before it becomes physical. God wants to heal the land of our spiritual image and likeness so we, mankind and all creation will reflect the internal healing that has already occurred.

Ladies, sisters, girlfriend it is time for us women who have been positioned to be helpers to our families, friends, co workers, communities, nation and world to make our internal healing our priority so we can be the change that we desire to see. It is time to understand how our relationship with our Lord and Savior is indeed purposed to heal and restore every broken tender place of our heart revealing our true authentic self that is full of God’s power, love and a sound mind that is full of the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and peaceful Holy Spirit that remains resilient in life storms not giving ground to surrendering to less than God has purposed and established for us to have.

The daily devotional I provide on this online publication will help you strengthen your prayer life as you seek deeper intimacy with our Lord and Savior. Become a member and join us for a 40 day Spiritually Fit For Life New You Empowerment Journey where we focus on strengthening the whole person to awaken our awareness of the fulfillment of God’s promises in our relationships, health, career and lifestyle of true worship.

Gentlemen, if you are in search for support groups that help you work on your whole person development, I invite you to send an inquiry and I can send you some information on how to connect with men of faith.


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