Are You Experiencing An Identity Crisis?

Do you know who you are? Why you exist? What purpose you were created for? What are you suppose to be doing with your life? What is your life’s true expression? If you do not know the answers to these questions, you are experiencing is the result of an identity crisis! To understand the purpose of why anything or anyone is created, we first have to know the original intent and thought of it’s Creator.

Would you ask the manufacturer of a Hyundai Sonata how to fix and establish the parts of a Honda Accord? No, you would not. Although both cars are used for transportation the parts, design and identity is different. The structure, body, design and parts makes up the identity of cars that enables you and I to differentiate between the two. I am sure a Hyundai Sonata has unique parts which do not exist in the Honda Accord. If you would try to repair a Hyundai Sonata with the parts of a Honda Accord it would not fit because the Hyundai Sonata parts was not the original intent for the Honda Accord car. Although Yolanda Adams and Vicki Yohi are both singers, their identity is different. Although we each may practice a profession, our identity is different. Although a mother may have five kids, each child’s identity is different! I viewed an article this morning on Yahoo about three pregnant stars who attended the Golden Globe Awards that had on the same dress, but looks where still distinquished because their identity is different! We all were uniquely designed and created to express God through our life’s purpose that is our true identity!

The root word for Creator is create. In order to create we need to know the intent of our initial thought. God tells us in Isaiah 55: 8-9 that His thoughts and ways are not our thoughts and ways. Therefore God’s identity is different from our identity. However, Christ came to restore to us the abundant life that God originally created us in. The abundant life of us returning to the original image and likeness of God that is our true identity. We each have a blessing and birthrate that has been given to us. The blessing and birthrate are the covenant we have with God and the evidence of His anointing in our life. In Genesis 1:26-28 God said let us create man in our image according to our likeness. We were created to be in God’s image, the likeness of God’s identity, God’s purpose and God’s anointing that is consist of His identity.

It is time for people to come out of the conformity of their own thoughts and ways that shapes their life’s purpose making up an identity crisis! When we implement God’s counsel in Romans 12:2 and be transformed by the renewing of our mind, into the thoughts and ways of God that is our true image and likeness we will understand our true identity in mind, spirit, soul and body. I encourage you as I encourage myself, lean not to our own understanding but in all our ways acknowledge God and He will direct our paths!

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