Believing In The Winner In You

When life challenges give you lemons God will give you the wisdom to overcome and make a profitable lemonade stand that will attract people to Him through you! The word of God tells you in 1 Corinthians 15:57 that He causes you to win and disseminates the fragrance of His knowledge in every area of your life. Therefore, even in chaotic situations it is impossible for you to lose when you allow God to direct you in the way so He can lead you out. Although you may not know how to overcome, the Winner in you does.

The Winner in you knows all things present, past and all things to come in the future. The Winner in you has overcome and won every battle past, present and the battles to come in the future. The Winner in you specializes in winning battles against situations that seem bigger, badder, more experienced as well as more knowledgeable than you. That situation that came to bring you harm is not able to stand and defeat the Winner in you.

The problems that you encounter assigned to have you succumb to your circumstances, the Winner in you already knows the strategic plot of demise and already created the game plan for you to win. So if you are experiencing challenges full of problems that seem to have no end, it time to find your help. Your winning solution comes from the Lord who is the Winner in you! Being able to recognize the Lord’s presence in you is pivotal to understanding how His presence is purposed to empower you to win and overcome whatever desires to defeat you. Positioning yourself to hear faith as you develop your faith will strengthen your ability to walk by faith and win in life.

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