Believe In God’s Power In You

The word of God tells us in Deuteronomy 8:18 that God gives us the power to get wealth! This power is your influence and your influence is in how you praise and worship God. Praise and worship is the work of our belief  that manifests God’s vision and desires in us and people.  Ephesians 3:20 tells us that God can do exceeding and abundantly more than we ask or thank according to the power that works in us. This power is the power of our belief in praising and worshipping God with our talents and gifts. Psalms 35:7 tells us that God takes pleasure in our prosperity because we favor His righteous cause. Do you know what God’s righteous cause is in you?

Psalms 22:3 tells us that God inhabits the praises of His people. Luke 3:51 tells us Jesus increased in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man! Jesus increased because He amazed the scholars  by his understanding and answers pertaining to the scriptures at only twelve years old. It is your talent and gift that will make room for you and bring you before great men as mentioned in Proverbs 22:29. Follow Jesus lead in Luke 4:6-8 and do not allow the enemy to steal kill destroy your praise and worship for his selfish desires. The enemy has no influence without the power of you agreeing to be used by him. This agreement that you give him is located in your decisions to believe work and do outside of God’s will for your life. This happens on a moment by moment basis every time we make a decision. Our decisions manifest the will of the spiritual realm where the real battle of Holiness and evil occur. Fighting to be manifested into this earth through our decisions. I pray that you will decide to be awakened and not deceived of the enemy’s advances against you. I pray that you will grow in the image and likeness of the Creator God. For where sins abounds, God’s mercy and grace much more abound. Now go and use the power that works in you to influence souls for God’s Kingdom.

I welcome you to become a member of one of the VWL Community Groups. Join us on our 40 day Spiritually Fit For Life Journey where we are pursuing God’s heart so He may be reflected in us and we may experience the joy of His presence in every area of our lifestyle.

Gentlemen, if you are in search for support groups that help you work on your whole person development, I invite you to send an inquiry and I can send you some information on how to connect with men of faith.

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