Overcoming The Battles Of Life To Win The War In Life

Do you feel like you are fighting a multitude of problems with no help in sight? 2 Chronicles 20:15 tells us the battle is not ours but God’s. What is a battle? How is the battle God’s and not ours? The battles you are experiencing require you to respond. However, you will not win the battle fighting in the carnal power of your own understanding. Your battles in life require real solutions. The battle starts in your mind due to the way you think. If you think right you will be able to respond right and overcome the problem. To win these battles you are going to have to overcome the battle for your mind. The battle for your mind is the battle for your thoughts which is the ageless battle for your belief and trust. Just like the enemies of Nehemiah tried to stop his work for the Lord by presenting problems to him that was not true. I ask you, whose report will you believe?

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

God desires that we use the opportunity of living this life on earth to seek His kingdom and righteousness as it says in Matthew 6:33. It is a battle to think and believe like God in a world that chooses not to think of God in any of their thoughts. Isaiah 55:8 tells us Gods thoughts are not our thoughts and His ways are not our ways. However, we are purposed to know God’s thoughts and ways. The word says in Philippians 2:5, “let this mind be in you that is also in Christ Jesus.” The battle is in reclaiming your mind and the spirit of your mind for Christ. Everyday we have battles to think like God or to think like man.

God has the ability to empower you each day to overcome those battles by giving you so many interesting ways to meditate on His word which will reveal His thoughts. When you position your thoughts to hear God’s thoughts, He is able to establish your thoughts when we commit your works to Him. The work is a two-part process of the spiritual work and practical work. This two part process will prepare you to receive His Spirit and Truth in your life to manifest His promises in your life.

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