Letting Go Of Pleasurable Chaos In Life

Any desire that is not submitted to God’s will for your life is idol worship. In Exodus 20:30 God’s word tells us He will have no other gods before Him. A god is any desire we put before God’s desire for our life making it an idol in our life. Anything or anyone we choose to serve outside of God’s leading becomes a ruler of our desires because we have given it power to rule over our thoughts, desires, choices and strength. This is revealed in how we spend our resources, including our time, abilities and money (time, talent, treasure) to obtain it. How we spend our time, talent and money is a reflection of our desires that form our everyday lifestyle of peace or chaos. God’s promises a blessed lifestyle of peace and a cursed lifestyle of chaos based on how we use our freedom of choice (Deuteronomy 30:19).  Our consistent choices is the evidence of our belief and what we trust to make us happy.

Although we may feel some type of happiness during pursuing a lifestyle separate from God’s presence, it will not be lasting because the desire has not been purified in God’s presence. Our motivations for what we do on a daily basis reveals who we desire to serve! Let us make sure our desires are rooted in the love of Christ and not the love of selfish desires that we erect as idols of our heart. If we have desires before and outside of God’s kingdom and righteousness then we need a heart check up. We are experiencing a spiritual heart disease. Any desire that is pursued outside of God’s will for our life is idol worship, which is rooted in selfish desires on assignment to separate us from the presence of the Creator God who is our power to get results in life. These desires are magnified in the worship of ourselves, people, cars, houses, money, religion, careers, etc. outside of God’s will and timing.

We can not serve God’s kingdom way and our own understanding (Proverbs 3:5-6). Satan’s kingdom way is hidden in us trusting our own understanding. Desires that have not been submitted to the love of Christ, become idols within our lives that get rooted in our heart and come out as pleasurable chaos in our lifestyles. Our journey on earth is about pursuing the heart of our Creator God, who purifies our whole person in the beauty of His image according to His likeness. It is the pursuit of our own desires empowered by our own understanding that separates us from the image and likeness of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. God said in Genesis 1:26 Let us make man in our image and our likeness. To be in the image and likeness of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit we must be one with their desires of God’s heart (Psalms 37:4).

Do you remember the two commandments Jesus left? In Matthew 22:37 Jesus said to love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength which is the greatest commandment. Within our hearts reside the desires that we awaken every day by our daily pursuits.  It is the pursuit of desires that either softens our heart or hardens our heart against the sensitive promptings of the Holy Spirit.  The pursuit of these desires is in vain if it is not the will of God for our life.  The will of God is always rooted in healing every area of our spiritual being that has been separated from His presence.Our mind, spirit, soul and body being awakened in His presence is our spiritual identity that is a pleasurable peace that is never chaotic (1 John 4:17-18).

The daily devotional I provide on this online publication is to help desire more of God’s presence in your life and less of what is not of His presence. I provide additional resources for the women who are members of the VWL Community.  Become a member and join us for a 40 day Spiritually Fit For Life Empowerment Journey where we focus on strengthening the whole person to awaken our awareness of the fulfillment of God’s promises in our relationships, health, career and lifestyle of true worship.

Gentlemen, if you are in search for support groups that help you work on your whole person development, I invite you to send an inquiry and I can send you some information on how to connect with men of faith.

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