Understanding God’s Provision In Prayer Through Fasting

Prayer and fasting sets a fire in our soul to submit our will to God’s revealed will. Prayer and fasting allows us to experience a more intimate relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We come to understand who He is and who He is in us. Just like making a call to a person on a phone starts a conversation when they answer, prayer is our way of calling God with the expectation that He will answer our call, which is our prayer. We pray when we are weak to gain strength and endure the battle to overcome the power of the enemy who wants us to disobey and be conformed to his image and likeness of disobedience,

Fasting helps us gain strength to desire to do God’s will as He reveals His instructions on what He desires us to do in our life. During fasting, we also pray when we are weak to gain strength and endure the battle to overcome the power of our own selfish desires that does not line up with God’s will.  God strengthens us with His presence during prayer and fasting to overcome the battle of our thoughts, desires, will and emotions that are separate from Him. This transforms us into the image and likeness of Him through our obedience to His will. This is how we become one with God through our obedience to His instructions.

During the fasting, temptation and disrupting emotions occur to stop our transformation into the image and likeness of Christ; to stop the power and glory of the mind of Christ from becoming one with our mind, spirit, soul and body. When we become one with God’s kingdom we triumph over our selfish desires and awaken in the image and likeness of God the Father, God The Son and God the Holy Spirit.  This means we become one with the thoughts, words, emotions and actions of God. The Holy Spirit is the manifestation of God’s kingdom in us and through us in the earth unifying us as the body of Christ.

God’s provision lives in us understanding His will, desires and personality so we can live out His kingdom in us on earth as it is in heaven. This is when we will discern the mind of Christ who knows the will of God. This will all occur through prayer inviting God in to communicate with us and through fasting, inviting God in to transform our desires, will and emotions.

The daily devotional I provide on this online publication is a start in helping you with this process. I also provide additional resources for the women who are members of VWL Community. Ladies join us for a 40 day Spiritually Fit For Life Empowerment Journey where we focus on strengthening the whole person to better ensure our fulfillment in our relationships, health, career and lifestyle. Gentlemen, if you are in search for support groups that help you work on your whole person development, I invite you to send an inquiry and I can send you some information on how to connect with men of faith.

Photo Inspiration:

Listen to “Hidden” featuring Will Reagan with United Pursuit. They remind us that it is well with our soul when we trust God with the desires of our heart.

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