Take The Limits Off

A renewed mind requires new belief to reach impossible goals! Miracles are how God believes! Miracles is what He wants us to receive. All things are possible with God. Therefore when we trust Him all things are possible for us! Take the limits off and allow the miraculous to occur. We have to take the limits off leaning to our own understanding which separates us from our dreams. Genesis 1:27 reveals Gods desire for us to fruitfully multiply His presence in the earth. His presence in our lives is the provision for the dreams we envision.

Psalms 37:5 reveals that when we delight ourselves on the Lord’s presence, He gives us the desires of our heart. Taking pleasure in God’s presence prepares us to handle the responsibility that comes with managing our desires. Everything worth having on life requires tender loving care because it requires work to maintain. Working outside of the presence of God is toiling which is known as the curse given to mankind when Adam and Eve fell from the presence of God. The fall had mankind toiling from our own understanding instead of enjoying the rest that comes with God’s understanding. We were created to be the house of God that is the temple of God also known as the sanctuary of God because of the rest His presence gives our bodies.

Hebrews 4 talks about laboring to enter the rest. Our labor is a labor of trusting and believing God’s will for our lives. When we believe God’s will for our lives we will experience His kingdom blessings in our life as it is in heaven. There is no lack in God’s presence only fullness of joy and mercies forevermore. Labor in prayer, labor in meditating on His word, labor in fasting, labor in doing things His way and we will reap a bountiful harvest of blessings.

Seed-time and harvest-time is a kingdom principle that applies to life whether we do God’s will or not. However, the good and bad news is that the harvest is always more than the seeds of obedience or disobedience that was sown. Good news for us who choose life and blessings bad news for those who choose death and curses.

We serve a Holy God that can not lie because He is the truth that sets us free from the captivity of lies (John 8:32). Make an intentional decision to press forward and honor God with our whole lives because He has graced us to be whole. Therefore, He has graced us to be holy. Holiness is what God longs for and holiness is what we need because His presence in us is Holy. His presence in us is righteous. His presence gives  us unconditional love and His presence in us is our total life prosperity.

I welcome you to allow me to partner with you as your Spiritual Life Mentor by enrolling in “The Pursuit To Wholeness” Course where you and I along with like-minded women strengthen our faith that makes us whole in mind, spirit soul and body so we may enjoy increase of His presence that is full of His grace and truth for our lives.


Photo Inspiration:

Songwriter and Gospel Singer, Crystal Aikin first won our hearts when she won the first season of BET Network “Sunday’s Best” competition. Her first single, I Desire More is perfect for preparing our hearts to take the limits off so we can invite the King of Glory in to take over with His bountiful blessings. Crystal follow-up with her sophomore album, “All I Need” available for purchase on ITUNES.

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