In the body of Christ we hear often that someone has a call on their life. I am hear to tell you that many people are called but few are chosen. Knowing our calling and life assignments are part of being transformed by renewing our mind through understanding our new identity within the mind of Christ. Answering the call is responding to God’s voice that is directing us in the path we should go to create our brand new identity in Christ. Christ means the Annointed One. When we come into the knowledge of the calling on our life we are strengthened in the blessing of being in God’s presence.

The annointing is the blessing of eternal life that is only found in the presence of God. The more consistent we are in walking in our calling the more our mind spirit and soul is strengthened in hearing only the voice of God. As we respond to the voice of God, our gift is being manifested in and through us because it makes room for our unique identity in Christ, which brings us before great men. The gift that God gives us is in understanding the presence of His glory that is full of His grace and truth.  This gift is the Holy Spirit who is the mind of Christ. The Holy Spirit wants to transform our soul so that  our will and emotions will be in the image and likeness of Christ.

The Holy Spirit is the kingdom of God that is the gift of God purposed to be manifested through our thoughts, words, emotions and actions to attract as well as add all good things to us (Matthew 6:33). When we seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness we are being strengthened in the gift of God that brings us before great men to include our our god ordained spouse and covenant partners who are our friends purposed to sow into the calling on our life; so they too can come into the understanding of their calling and be strengthened to walk in it. This is how working the vision of the calling provides for the lifestyle of the chosen. The word of God said “you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free” (John 8:32); we come to know the truth by walking by faith that is revealing the truth of our brand new identity in Christ.

Many people are being called to walk by faith but they are not answering the call. When we move forward in our faith walk, our consistent response to the voice of faith is how the gift of faith makes us brand new by faith and bring us before great men. Walking in our calling is our walk of faith because faith is calling us forward into our brand new identity in Christ that is the truth that sets us free from being conformed to a lie. The difference between someone that is called and someone who is chosen is the person who answers the call.

When we respond to the call of God, breakthrough occurs taking us from faith to faith and glory to glory until we are walking in the fullness of our brand new identity in Christ. We are literally manifesting the supernatural power of faith and transforming our identity into our newly found reality of the God kind of faith that makes us whole in our thoughts, words, emotions and actions. Answering the call of faith is allowing faith to make the identity of our mind, spirit, soul and body new in Christ where we become the new creation in Christ and all things become new because we have become new.

Jesus said in Mark 12:29, ” Hear our Israel the Lord your God is One”. God is one in His thoughts, words, emotions and actions. When we love God with all of who we are in mind, spirit soul and body, we become one with His word in our flesh (John 1:14). When we hear God we hear faith and when we respond to faith we are made whole in mind, spirit, soul and body.

Do you recall the story of the woman who bleed for twelve years and said “if I can just touch the hem of His garment I will be made whole” (Mark 5:25-32). Her faith walk was responding to her hearing the voice of faith that made her whole. The word of God tells us do not just be hearers of the word but doers of the word (James 1:22). Those who hear and do the word of faith are the ones who will be made whole in their mind, spirit, soul and body becoming brand new in Christ.  Without faith it is impossible to please God because we have to believe He is calling us forward in faith to make us brand new by faith.

The word of God says anything that is not done in faith is sin (Romans 14:23). Our faith walk perfects us in the our brand new identity in Christ and removes the presence of sin in our thinking, speaking, feeling and acting.  This is way satan comes to test our faith to keep us from discovering our true identity in Christ that will ultimately leave him powerless in our lives. However, if we are patient the word of God said we will be perfect and complete lacking nothing (James 1:2-8). This means we will be perfect and complete in the wisdom of God because if we lack faith we are able to ask of God. A double minded person is unstable in all their ways, but our faith walk makes us single minded with the voice of faith calling us forward into the awareness and lifestyle of our brand new identity in Christ.

Jesus said He can only do what the father reveals because Jesus only responded to the voice of faith, who is God and His faith walk made Him brand new in God where He conquered the penalty of sin, power of sin and the presence of sin.  Our faith walk is taking us to the brand new lifestyle Jesus has prepared for us (John 14:2).

Jesus is in the presence of God who is the Creator of faith. Faith is the root of our identity in Christ because faith is the higher and heavenly thoughts of God where the penalty, power and presence of sin is removed from our life. As a man thinketh in His heart so is He (Proverbs 23:7). When we are rooted in faith we have won the battle because there is no longer a battle in our thoughts or emotions which frees our behavior to do what we desire in life.  There is no  longer a battle in our emotions because God through our obedience has won the battle for our free will by us freely deciding to accept God’s will (2 Corinthians 10:1-6).

Faith revealed to us is the beginning of God’s grace and truth being fulfilled through us making us brand new in Christ. God is calling us forward in the voice of faith so we may walk by faith and be made brand new by faith through God’s grace. Do you just want to be called or chosen? If you want to be chosen respond to the call of faith that is the voice of faith in your mind, spirit and soul desiring to manifest through your body making your lifestyle single minded with the author and finisher of our faith.


Photo Inspiration:

Hip Hop Artist, Lecrae is in full speed in his latest tour, “The Destination“. Check him out to see if He is coming to a city near you.

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