Let Us Bring The Revival

Elevation Worship Team known for many inspirational Holy Spirit filled songs, such as “The King Is Among Us”.

This year we are hearing many believers talk about revival. Did you know for revival to occur on earth it must first occur within us? The revival is an awakening of our awareness of the kingdom of heaven in us to manifest through us. The word of God tells us not to look outside because the kingdom of heaven is inside (Luke 17:20-21).

In order to release the revival of God in our mind, spirit, soul and body, we must start with hearing faith. The more we hear faith the more the desires of our heart quicken in us to know the presence of the King who resides in us. The revival is about spiritually discerning that God is one and we are to desire Him in our whole person by allowing Him to direct the desires and will of our soul in His path (Proverbs 3:5-6). The more we allow God to direct our path, His Holy Spirit revives our thoughts, words, emotions and actions in the image and likeness of His glory that is full of grace and truth.  The revival is for His Holy Spirit’s desires to be manifested in our soul where our freewill becomes one with God’s will and our emotions become one with the fruit of His Holy Spirit.

Before the revival happens on the earth we must first release the Holy Spirit of revival in our soul so His presence can be fruitfully multiplied not only in us but through us to restore a perishing people in a perishing world (John 3:16). God wants to accomplish amazing exploits in our life. We must first surrender our life to the King of kings and the Lord of Lords, who has always been among us. This will empower us to release the revival in not only  ourselves and family, but people who reside in our neighborhoods, cities, nation and world.

The word of God tells us the whole creation eagerly awaits the sons of God (Romans 8:18-30). The time is always now to release Christ through us and let the Holy Spirit revival overflow out of us! Let us no longer grieve the Holy Spirit but embrace the power, love and sound mind of the Holy Spirit. Now is always the time for Holy Spirit revival! Are you ready to bring the King?

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© Copyright 2016


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