The Lifestyle Brand

Exalt the Lord and lift Him up in living a lifestyle of submission obedience faithfulness and trust; where we become one with Him in mind, spirit, soul and body. When we exalt the Lord in our lifestyle, we are empowered to love Him with all we are as we compassionately and genuinely love our neighbor as ourselves. When we exalt the Lord in our lifestyle people are able to receive Christ because they first encountered Him in us.

It is hard for people who have never experienced Christ, to receive Christ when they do not see His love exuding from our character. It is good to preach Christ it is best to preach Christ, as we live for Christ, understanding we need His presence like the air we breathe; guiding our footsteps confidently in our walk by faith. Our lifestyle being in His presence is where the Spirit of power, love and a sound mind is fruitfully multiplied and infused through us into every person within our sphere of influence, until the Lord’s prayer becomes our lifestyle brand where Jesus prayed, ” Let God’s kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.” This kingdom is full of God’s grace and truth (John 1:14) and wants to be full in all people who are willing to believe. When we exalt God in our everyday lifestyle, we elevate His presence in us until His presence overflows out of us into the hearts of a perishing world; who needs to be awakened from the walking dead.

As believers, we are purposed to receive the gift of the mind of Christ as we share His gift with others. Remember sharing is caring because sharing is loving our neighbor as ourselves (Mark 12:31). This is how we are purposed to manage our relationships as we embrace His presence in the whole person of our mind, spirit, soul and body.

May we all desire the peace of God to lovingly rule our mind, spirit, soul and body as His presence transforms our life challenges into our life’s victories. In Christ, we possess the ability to have the impossible become possible because we have now become the evidence of His saving grace (Hebrews 11:1) to a world who needs the substance of our hope, which is our faith.


This embroidered white linen dress with royal blue and black flowered motif is trendsetting the hearts of the sophisticated savvy as well as the crafters at heart. It has taken embroidery to a fashionable but distinct style level. Accompanied with fun and sassy laced black high heels, snack skin clutch and sterling silver rose statement earring gives a very feminine and classy touch.

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