Back To God’s Grace

In life we encounter setbacks, challenges and things we just don’t understand. All this requires answers and a strategy to get us through and back to God’s grace. Every answer we need is available by faith and through Gods grace. God’s grace is His abundant supply of riches through Christ Jesus. Gods abundant supply of grace is how He provides for our needs (Philippians 4:17-19). The love of God is the grace of God. It is how He provides for us when we don’t know what to do and when we have a lack of understanding how to move forward. Because God is Spirit, we must worship Him in Spirit and truth (John 4:24).

When we worship God in Spirit and truth we began to see and understand the abundance of His grace. Isaiah 55 talks about the invitation to the abundant life. The abundant life is full of God’s grace. His grace is our provision to overcome every setback, circumstance and lack of understanding. All we have to do is receive it by faith. The word of God tells us faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God (Romans 10:17). The more we hear the word of God the more we position ourselves to receive the grace of God. Faith fully manifested is the grace of God. This is why the word of God says by faith through grace. Faith is the seed but grace is the evidence of fruit. The fruit of understanding the path God is directing us in to travel towards our next grace encounter until we are made whole.

As believers in Christ, we need to get back to God’s grace. We need to get back to eden where we are in right relationship and fellowship with God. This all occurs in the process of renewing our mind to become one mind in Christ (Philippians 2:5). In the mind of Christ, is every thing we need to overcome. The mind of Christ is full with the understanding of God’s grace in every area of our life (John 1:14). Having and understanding the mind of Christ is what makes us overcomers and winners in life.

Now is the time, to get back to understanding the mind of Christ. Let nothing separate us from the love of God that is the grace of God (Romans 8:35-39). Although distractions and setbacks come to separate us from the grace of God, the word of God reassure us that where sin has abounded Grace abounds much more (Romans 5:20).  This life is all about getting back to pursuing, understanding and receiving God’s grace to get back to our first love (Mark 12:28-30).

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Photo Inspiration:

After four years of pursuing separate projects, Mary Mary is back together during a collaboration with their new single, “Back To You” from the upcoming movie “Ben Hur” due to be released on August 19th. Check you local listings and support this movie produced by star of Touch By An Angel, Roma Downey , her husband Mark Burnett and their team. Support and Enjoy Mary Mary latest single, “Back To You”. When I first listened to the song it reminded me of the believers walk of faith as we journey back to the fullness of pursuing, understanding and receiving God’s grace.

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