Do You Have The Right Perspective?

What is your perspective of your current situation? Is your perspective the true reality or disillusioned reality? Did you know your perspective is able to determine your reality? It is important what we allow ourselves to believe, because that perspective will become our reality which determines if we will realize the blessings of God or subject ourselves to the curses of the enemy. Make sure your perspective is in agreement with the perspective of God. The word of God asks us in Isaiah 53:1 whose report will you believe? A perspective is a report that reveals your point of view. God reveals His perspective to those who desire for His perspective to become their reality.

I encourage you to check and make sure you have the right perspective. If not, I come to help you change your perspective. The right perspective is the perspective that agrees with what God says about your reality. Your perspective should line up with your faith and not your circumstance that you know by sight. Your promising perspective of faith will become your reality and your negative perspective of your circumstances will become your reality. God gives us promises that become our reality when we agree with His perspective. God’s perspective is His promises for your life. Discover and focus on God’s perspective so your reality will be a promising one!


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