Self Love

The Faith That Makes You Well

Your faith in God’s promises holds the power to make you whole. To be whole means to be well in mind soul spirit and body as well as to be whole in your spiritual, emotional, relational, financial and physical health. As God’s children we inherit His kingdom blessings where there is no lack, nothing missing or broken. We just have to discover what is already ours by spending time getting to know God’s thoughts and ways. At the root of it all, He desires to bless us. You see although we live in this world we are not of this world because our mind soul spirit and body was created to be in relationship with God’s Holy Spirit. He desires that we be whole because He is whole. Our life here on earth is a journey to wholeness. A journey back to our identity in Christ, which is the revealing of our true authentic selves. Our identity in Christ is what makes us whole. If you recall in Genesis the first thought God had towards us, was to be in His image and likeness. The more we allow ourselves to be in the image and likeness of God, the more we become whole because God’s Holy Spirit in us is the source of our wholeness.

In Matthew 9:20- 23, do you recall the woman who was bleeding for over twelve years who had touched the fringe of Jesus clothing? When Jesus responded to her he said “Be of good cheer daughter, your faith has made you well.” It is our faith that makes us well in our mind, soul, spirit and body. Romans 10:17 tells us Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. The more we are in the presence of God’s word, the more we position ourselves to hear the faith that holds the power to make us whole. Are you experiencing lack in any area of your life? Do you desire a change?

Do you desire to be whole? I have come to give you good news, your faith in God has the power to make you whole. You see when the woman touched the hem of Jesus garment, this was a physical act that is rooted in a spiritual truth. Just like our clothing covers our body, the word of God is the spiritual clothing/covering of our mind soul spirit and body. God has faith in His word. God tells us in Matthew 24:35 , “heaven and earth will pass away but My words will by no means pass away”, this is how strong God’s faith is in His word. I guess you can say that God’s word is bond. You see God’s word is who He is. God’s word is His identity.

The God kind of faith is rooted in the power of God’s word. Since God’s word is eternal this also means that God’s faith is eternal which means it is outside and higher than man’s time. Please recognize that God’s faith is different from the world kind of faith. Just like God’s faith is rooted in His word, the worlds faith is rooted in the world’s wisdom. The word of God reveals to us in 1 Corinthians 3:19 that the world’s wisdom is foolishness to God.

The written word of God is the seed of faith but the spoken word of God is the harvest of faith. When we sow seeds of faith in our spirit by spending time in God’s word, eventually we will reap the harvest of God’s spoken word. It is God’s spoken word that holds the power to make us whole. The spoken word of God holds the secrets to God’s faith. The spoken word of God is God’s specific word of faith to you. The faith that makes you whole!

Just like the world has people to teach and coach you based on the world’s wisdom and faith, God has His people that He has chosen to help teach and coach you based on His word of faith. Enroll in a New You Wellness Bible Institute FREE Course and begin your wellness journey of becoming whole in mind, spirit, soul and body.


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